NOTICE: Like you we are constantly monitoring the national situation with regards to Covid 19. We are reminding our students of the government guidance about active prevention of virus spread and doing everything we can to review and increase our cleaning routines where necessary. 


Thank you for all of the enquiries regarding future actions and rest assured that we are actively engaged (as every school will be) in contingency planning. It is worth noting that only Government directives will result in school closures therefore in our day to day work we are carrying on completely as normal. This is the case across the country for all settings.

We really value the help of our parents and local communities in providing the support for all of our students to learn and achieve to the best of their abilities. The Trust and all staff will continue to maintain the high educational standards in each of our four academies and thank you for your commitment to our common goal.  

Please see our Trust statement regarding Coronavirus

Are you classes as a Key Worker, follow the link for further clarification Link 


Work Packs have been posted / distributed to all students from Southway and New Way. The materials in those envelopes are also listed below for you to print if needed. If you need to contact a member of staff, please follow the subject email addresses.


Intervention Pack [Open]



New Way


Mathematics [Open]



Observation of Children [Open]

Of Mice and Men [Open]



Biology – Science [Open]



Islamic Practices Revision Guide [Open]

RE-TV Updated [Open]

Website Support for Families [Open]


Equality & Diversity

Equality & Diversity Unit 1 [Open]

Equality & Diversity Unit 2 [Open]

Equality & Diversity Unit 3 [Open]



A3 Graphics Project [Open]



Health & Fitness [Open]


Animal Care

Animal Care [Open]


PSHCE – All Students

Animal Care [Open]



Maths Paper 1 [Open]

Maths Paper 3 [Open]

Maths Paper 3 [2] [Open]



A Christmas Carol Questions [Open]

A Christmas Carol Revision [Open]

A Poison Tree [Open]

Conflict Booklet [Open]

English Langauge Component 1 [Open]

English Language Component 1 [2] [Open]

English Language Paper 1 Insert [Open]

English Language Paper 1 Question Paper [Open]

English Language component 2 [Open]

English Language Paper 2 Insert [Open]

English Language Paper 2 Question Paper [Open]

Macbeth Revision [Open]

Shakespeare Questions [Open]

Summaries of Poems [Open]

Macbeth Revision Guide [Open]

English Lit Paper 1 [Open]

English Lit Paper 2 [Open]

Conflict Poetry Revision Guide [Open]

Anthology [Open]

An Inspector Calls Revision Pack [Open]

A Christmas Carol Revision Pack [Open]



Biology Exam Skills [Open]

Biology Revision [Open]



Islamic Practices Revision Guide [Open]

Christian Practices Revision Guide [Open]



A3 Graphics Project [Open]



Health & Fitness Synoptic [Open]



Event Planning Unit 2 [Open]

Event Planning Unit 3 [Open]


Animal Care [Open]


Equality & Diversity

Equality & Diversity Unit 1 [Open]

Equality & Diversity Unit 2 [Open]

Equality & Diversity Unit 3 [Open]






You will also find the Videos for English on the following links. [Video]

In the event of an extensive school closure during term time, students are advised that they could use the following website and Apps to access educational materials and / or further develop your learning until we return back to school. These should be used in addition to the materials sent out to you in the post by staff.


  BBC Bitesize

  Seneca Learning

  Times Educational

  Education Quizzes

  Planet Science

  Ed Lounge

  Twinkl (enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS)


Links to these will appear on the school website (, along with links to the videos that you have or will be studying during the rest of this year. We have also saved copies of the work packs on our website for you to use (also posted out).