Students not in school, are expected to be accessing one of the Remote Learning pathways (Physical Workpack, Ed Class, or MS Teams). If you are unsure, contact your MAT Worker.02.02.S21 – School will be closed today due to severe weather and unsafe travel conditions. Please continue to access remote learning.

“Southway is an environment with inclusion and equality at its heart. We are dedicated to the belief that every student has the right to the very highest quality education, set against a backdrop of high expectations, appropriate academic rigour, constructive support and guidance, and effective and mutually beneficial partnerships. We provide a high quality education in an innovative, stimulating, inspiring, safe and caring environment; an education personalised for and constructive to each student. At Southway we aim to liberate potential by providing a platform to enable students to maximise their opportunities to learn, develop and progress.”

Andy Percival, Principal