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I would like to welcome you to Southway and its Board of Directors.  Southway is an independent school providing alternative provision for students in Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 in Belle Isle, Leeds.

The Board of Directors is appointed from people who have skills which aids the Governance of the School. The purpose of the Board of Directors of Southway is to ensure the school has a clear vision and ethos and strategic direction; to hold executive leaders to account for the performance of Southway, its students and the performance management of staff and oversee its financial performance.

The Southway Board formally meets up to 10 times in the academic year and reviews Safeguarding arrangements, internal controls and risk management, the financial resources of the school, educational targets for students and performance against those targets, it also ensures that the Southway has sufficient staff, and sets pay policy.

In addition to its formal meetings, Directors come into the school and speak with staff and students about their perception of the school and meet with Ofsted when they come into the school.

Jan Bennett – Chair of the Board of Directors of Southway